These aren't just any cupcakes...

These are Gourmet Kreative Kupcakes!

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Kreative Kupcakes Bakery and Cafe', located in Avondale, Arizona is one of the first "Cakeries" to open in the West Valley! These are not your average cupcakes! Locally owned and family operated, Kreative Kupcakes bakes their amazing cupcakes using a collection of old family recipes! Our Gourmet Treats and Specialty Kreative Kupcakes are all baked daily from scratch with great care, using only the highest quality ingredients and topped with the most creative flavors, colorful sprinkles and unique decor.

At the Kreative Kupcakes Bakery we offer over two dozen "everyday" flavors, as well as creating custom designs, decorative coordination and/or color changes to meet your needs. With such a wide selection of cupcake flavors and styles, our Gourmet Kupcakes are great for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, corporate events & more!

Kreative Kupcakes are available for pickup or request local delivery within 5 miles of our location!

Place your order today! Whether you are hosting a lavish event, having a party or just have a sweet tooth in need of a fix, Kreative Kupcakes Bakery in Avondale, Arizona; is pleased to present you with the finest gourmet flavors, fillings and freshest mouth-watering cupcakes in Arizona! To see our location and hours, click here.