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Call our bakery for orders or come in and pick from our daily flavors.

Classic Size Cupcakes
$33.00 per dozen

Classic Size Filled Cupcakes
$39.00 per dozen

Mini Cupcakes
$12.00 per dozen
(Min. 2 Dozen per flavor)

Cake Pops Available Daily In a Variety of Flavors
Every cake flavor is available in cake pops with a two day advance order and a 2 dozen minimum per flavor.
$1.75 each

$19.99 for a full cheesecake or $4.99 for a mini cheesecake
We can also make this unique cheesecake in Bailey's, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Kahlua, pumpkin, strawberry, lemon, sea salt and caramel, and raspberry for $25 on pre orders or $6.99 in the mini.

Homemade Pies
Pumpkin, Caramel Apple, Blueberry, Coconut Cream and Lemon.
Pre Ordered Only

Chocolate Covered Bacon
Our premium hickory smoked peppered bacon dipped in Callebaut Belgian and Ghirardelli Chocolate.
$2.00 per piece

Our classic cupcakes unfilled are $2.75 each and filled classics are $3.25. Walk in customers can mix up anything we have on hand no matter what it is and buy any amount from 1 cupcake on up to dozens. You can also call in and we will customize your order right then from what we have on hand and hold it for the day (pre-payment only, no refunds). All other custom orders must be a (1) dozen per flavor minimum and mini cupcakes are a (2) dozen minimum per flavor.

Custom Cakes
Yes we can!!! Any flavor but you must call for details.

Please Note:
  • All orders are available for pick up
  • Delivery Fee will apply to all deliveries
  • Our delivery fee varies depending on location